Am I seriously in trouble for that?

I have this student who is really off somewhere. He’s a sweet kid, he’s a cutie, and he is eager to please. But only on his terms. When he is bad, he is really bad. He is so immature that he will throw fits like a two year old at the grocery store. He will go from being super happy to being so upset in a matter of seconds. Needless to say I have been trying to get into contact with parents since the beginning of the year but have been shunned and ignored like some disease. It wasn’t until very recently that dad finally called me back and told me that they are NOW concerned about his behavior and developmental status. So they’re taking him to doctors and running a bunch of tests and what not. But to be honest, this little guy is so spoiled and so bratty, all he needs is a good disciplining one time, and something would come out of that. 

But anyway! I digress, so this past Friday there was a school dance and the kiddos had to pay $1.00 for the dance to get in. Well that same week on Monday, my bff got upset and hit me. Second time he has done this!! So he gets written up and gets lunch detention for one day and all is back to normal. Well everyday after that he has had these huge fits over every little minuscule thing! Because someone looked at him because someone told him no, because I told him to correct his spelling. The simplest things send him into a tantrum. Well come Friday he has one dollar, he wants to buy ice cream. I told him over and over and over you cannot go to the dance and buy ice cream, you get only one. Especially because of your behavior. So he starts crying that he wants ice cream, alright you’ll get ice cream but no dance. He goes into a whining rage. “Im crossing out my name!” “Im throwing a fit!” “I don’t want to talk to you!” In his whinny voice he says. So come dance time , I have to pretty much carry him to the room where they were holding the “bad” kids. He scratches up my arm and he’s screaming his head off. I go to the dance, have a good time and calm down because I was furious! 

Come after school, my principal asks me, so, who from your class didn’t go to the dance? I reply “just that one little boy whose name I can not say” then she asks why, I go on to tell her the story of how this came about and reminded her that he did hit me on Monday and that was the second time he did that! Well then she tells me how I was wrong to do that and he doesn’t understand and she didn’t agree with my actions. Blah blah blah. A bunch of bull. 

He does understand what he is doing. He is playing the whole school. Everyone there babies him and he knows what he can get away with. I did not agree with her and we left on a very awkward ok basis. 

What is this world coming to! We get no support from administration for taking some kind of action to try and discipline these children. How are they ever going to learn? 

Any thoughts? Was I in the wrong here? 

Am I a freaking babysitter?


Do I really need to ask this?

Sometimes we as teachers of the little ones somehow become just the babysitters to some of these children. The parents truly don’t give a fuck what you do with them, just keep them busy and I’ll see you in 8 hours.

It’s a sad thing to say but it’s the harsh truth. And what sucks even more is that we don’t get any support from our administration! I have been hit by some of my students a handful of times and what happens? Nothing… Oh, he has lunch detention for one day. And where are the parents? Who the fuck knows?

Does anyone ever feel like a certified nanny at times?

Oh the wonders of teaching…

Hello all my fellow teacher friends!

My name is Debbie I. and I am a 3 year going on 4th year elementary general education teacher. I have taught Pre-k for one year and did two years in kindergarten. In my short time there I have met many wonderful new people, have established lasting friendships, and have been deeply touched by many of my wonderful students. On the flip side though, I have also learned about the hard truths and realities that come with being a teacher; and realized that one thing that we all love to do is bitch and complain about our work and the crazy things that we are forced to do.

First of all, it is so much dam work! Work, work, work all the freaking time. There is not one second of the day when you are not thinking of what you can do for your students to help them be successful. May I also add, God bless Pinterest! Pinterest is my best friend; I am constantly pinning things that will one day soon make their way to my classroom. And if they don’t at least they will be forever saved in my comfortable little board on my phone.

Second, what is up with our administrators’ people! If you have a wonderful administrator that you worship the ground they walk on, then thank your lucky stars because that is not always the case. My principal asked us kindergarten teachers in a meeting once that why do we teach letters in kindergarten. We were all so dumbfounded that there was no reply from any of us. We were so quiet and giving her the “you bitch” look you could hear the crickets chirping.  I mean come on! Seriously! You’re going to ask that? Might as well not even acknowledge the fact that we are there. Whose kindergarten and why are there so many kids?

Lastly, what is up with all these bitchy and just plain mean ladies that I work with. I work at the elementary school level so there is estrogen floating around every corner in that building. We have some testosterone that floats through from time to time but never enough to give us a good balance. I feel that the unbalance makes us want to throw each other under the bus the second we get a chance to. Plus, what is the point of talking bad about one another? Can’t we all just get along, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya? The world would be a much better place.

So, to conclude, this is why I decided that instead of bitching to my coworkers and them bitching to me about our masochistic, horrible love-hate relationship with work I would write about it and spread the word to the world of teachers to get everyone’s input. I also would love to hear about your day to day dilemmas, this is a safe place for us to vent, cry, laugh, and support one another besides, I can’t be the only one with these thoughts? Right? Please don’t let me be the only one… At the end of the day though; no matter how much we “hate it” we go back day after day and teach our little hearts out because we do truly love what we do.